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Initial or Follow-Up Phone Consult

. Duration:15 mins·. Price:Free

Station 1 Neurofeedback Training

. Duration:30 mins··. Price:$69

Station 2 Neurofeedback Training

. Duration:30 mins··. Price:$69

Station 3 Neurofeedback Training

. Duration:30 mins··. Price:$69

About us

MN Brain Solutions was created from a strong desire to support those seeking a lifestyle of wellness.
** We offer a 25% Discount for Emergency Services personnel including Police, Fire, EMS/EMT, and Military **

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9 reviews
  • Natalia·

    Blessings come with the tough times. For me, with many past traumas in my life, any new life problem led to uncontrollable anxiety, fear, and worry. With age, it also started to affect my blood pressure, sleep, and moods. After praying, I felt God leading me to April and Minsan to start the brain training to help me naturally fight anxiety and fear. After just 10 sessions, my blood pressure becomes normal, and after 30 sessions, I am free from anxiety, depression, and negative thoughts! Going through training, I felt loved, cared for, and their passion for me to get better! Minsan always listened to me, prayed for me, and encouraged me! I thank God for MN Brain Solution and its team! Thank you so much!!!! And God bless!

  • Debbie·

    Try it! It's painless and easy, and it works! My daughter and I are both mid-way through our journey with MN Brain Solutions. Minsan is kind, professional, helpful, flexible and knowledgable. No one has a perfect brain, so everyone can benefit. Give him a call, try the initial scan - just start!

  • Jared W·

    I am a former first responder (Police Officer) with a CPTSD diagnosis. I’ve been doing everything I can to recover and move forward.
    I reached out to Mn Brain Solutions after attending a “The Body Keeps the Score” Conference in Maryland by Bessel Van der Kolk. Dr. Van der Kolk had a section on the benefits of neurofeedback. After I returned home, I mentioned neurofeedback to a friend who seemed to be healing and moving forward quite well with her own trauma. She mentioned already being a client of MN Brain Solutions. I had no idea, I just knew she was making incredible strides in her own recovery process. She has been very happy with her results (and they show).
    When I reached out to MN Brain Solutions my email was promptly answered by Minsan. I was able to do a phone consultation soon after. Minsan is very kind and extremely knowledgeable (he took the time to listen and explained the process well. I really appreciated that).
    So far, as I go through the process I have been impressed. I’m thankful that I finally reached out to MN Brain Solutions. I’ve already been recommending MN Brain Solutions to other first responders, simply because of what I’ve learned about the benefits of neurofeedback and from my friends awesome and ongoing success with them.

  • Amy·

    Minsan has been incredible to work with! Extremely professional and kind-hearted. His patience while working with my son and my family has been amazing and we are grateful we found him - feedback that is helping with our everyday is just as amazing as the training with my son!

  • Brian·

    Great service with a smile; excellent care and so happy this is in our community; A huge blessing to so many. Thank you for what you do.

  • Danielle·

    I am so thankful for the time and consideration this team puts into each individual situation. I appreciate the way all my questions are answered in ways I can understand!

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